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Productivity tips to make the most of your iPhones

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9 min readSep 19, 2022


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Humans, for a billion centuries, have been sinning by underutilising their iPhones. Just kidding. It has hardly been four years since iPhones have reached their best potential in productive usage.

The launch of iOS 13 in 2019 was a massive benchmark in revamping the operating system into a constructive beast. The release of iOS 16 and newer hardware has only enhanced the experience further. But we still tend to look at the iPhones as a show-off, status-defining gadget and often underestimate their true capabilities.

In most cases, people switch to iPhones from Android and aren’t sure what to do with them. They frequently crib about how iOS restricts them from doing what they could do otherwise on their Androids. But little do they know that their iPhones can unlock some unknown doors and blow their minds.

Anyway, this isn’t about whether iPhones are better smartphones than Androids. Even though they are… ahem! Let’s not get into it.

Now, it doesn’t matter whether your iPhone is a Pro or not. The things I’m about to mention applies to all the latest iPhones from iPhone 11 onwards. Here’s how to upscale your productive game to max using your iPhone:

Setting Priorities

1. Advanced Focus

The iOS 6 brought the Do Not Disturb feature to the iPhones. And it took Apple almost a decade to turn this feature into a meaningful one.

When swiping down to the Control Centre, we see an option of toggling a Focus Mode. Most of us are already familiar with it. But I’m sure most of y’all aren’t aware of what amazing things you can achieve with it.

IOS 16 introduced us to the redesigned lock screens. Just like the watch faces on our Apple Watch, we can now switch between multiple customised lock screen templates with ease. Switching through them, we see an option to assign the available focus modes to them. When assigned, turning on the focus mode will change the whole internal appearance of your phone. You can set a dedicated wallpaper to each, and can also select home pages that are relevant to the activity you’re doing.



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