Apple Teased These New iOS 18 Features Early

Accessibility features that are coming on the iPhone later this year

The Evil Geek
7 min readMay 21, 2024
An image by the author.
An image by the author.

Just like last year, Apple announced some of its major accessibility features a couple of weeks before the WWDC (Worldwide Developers’ Conference). These are not rumours or leaks, but an official list of features announced on Apple’s official website.

Scheduled for June 10th, WWDC will be the debut stage for the upcoming firmware releases:

  1. iOS 18
  2. iPadOS 18
  3. macOS 15
  4. watchOS 11
  5. tvOS 18
  6. HomePod 18
  7. visionOS 2

Now, as we anticipate the announcement of the ground-breaking AI features that are expected to arrive on iOS 18, these accessibility features can be a game-changer for a special category of people.

A little disclaimer: Apple has announced over 20 new features, and mentioning all of them will make this story incredibly long. Therefore, I’ll be covering the important ones. However, you can always visit Apple’s official blog to learn about the rest of the features.

Here are some of the important accessibility features that will debut on the latest Apple firmwares:



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